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Structure your organization

Structure your personnel in groups and grant them a role, assign them some tags with respect to your business criteria (i.e. skills, titles, etc.).

Notify your organization

Notify your members or teams in a matter of seconds.

You can define predefined models of notifications including information about the event, the location and the way you will interact with the participants.

The recipients could be individual members, teams or groups of members sharing the same criteria (i.e. skills, titles, etc.).

Mobilize and interact instantly

Define your own communication process to mobilize your teams.

By facilitating two-way messaging between coordinators and participants, it becomes easy to know instantly the participant's statuses.

Track in real time

Positional data is automatically collected from the mobile app, which allows to track participant's location in real-time.

Initiate actions on your targets with your teams using a friendly map based user interface.

Share information

Pick a document or take and share images among your team without the hassle of email or file sharing apps.

Intervene with ease

The mobile app takes benefit of navigation apps installed in your devices like GoogleMaps or Waze to smooth the intervention process of your teams.